Auction Marketing

The success of every auction sale depends on effective marketing and promotion.  At Auction Professionals of Kentucky, LLC auctions each property is thoroughly evaluated before aggressive, highly effective marketing and promotional campaigns are prepared and targeted to the appropriate audience.  Our company has been recognized by the National Auctioneer’s Association in best Auction Brochure for Real Estate Marketing Promotion. By being a part of the RE/MAX Franchise we have the recognition of the top Real Estate company in North American.


Direct mail brochures can be produced in full-color, with pictures, aerials of your property and mailed to targeted audiences of end-users, investors, real estate brokers, including specialized mailing lists from our exclusive database.


Newspaper advertisements are created for each auction and placed in newspapers appropriate to the needs of the property and marketing budget. Marketing campaigns include comprehensive mixes of local, regional, national and international publications.


Our Website features properties with multiple photos, inform buyers, disclose all necessary documents, and teach buyer’s about auctions.  Online Auctions will each have its own page on our site, as well as, our online bidding site.


Auction Professionals of Kentucky, LLC will send e-mail real estate alerts and reminders of your properties to potential buyers and open house attendees of your property from the day of signing the listing agreement to the day before the auction date from our list of email members.


Auction Professionals of Kentucky, LLC will place large professionally computer generated signs on the properties, banners if allowed, and directional signs for potential buyers to find your property.


Comprehensive “property information packets” (PIPS) including property descriptions, photos, surveys, Auction terms, purchase & sale agreements will be available on-line, and a the Open Houses for your property.

What is an Auction?

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