Luxury Home Auctions

There are many luxurious homes in the Louisville, KY area. The city of Anchorage has long been known as home of some of the area’s wealthiest citizens, along with Glenview, downtown Waterfront Park Place, and Prospect, KY.

Luxury home auctions in LouisvilleHomes, which are out of the ordinary, at the top end of the price ranges in their market , have been built to express the individual tastes of their owners, and are more than shelter, they are often like fine art – they  have great price elasticity and require a broader promotional effort to find the right buyer.

Their selling prices have very little relationship to what they will rent for and a lot more to do with their location, who the neighbors are, the view, the amenities, the design and  and décor.

Auctioneers are able to spotlight these properties and bring many potential buyers to them, by using regional and national  print media – a broad brochure mailing to high income individuals.  The removal of price produces interest and the urgency of an auction causes potential bidders to look and visualize  their owning the property.  When they look, whether on the Internet anonymously or in person at a preview, they become involved and can fall in love with the home.

Explore auction marketing for your property as the first alternative, if possible. Consult with Auction Professionals of Kentucky, LLC. They will share their experience in auctioning these fine homes in many markets and in dealing with business managers, trust officers and all those who assist wealthy individuals who own multiple luxury homes in various places.

What is an Auction?

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