Estate Auctions… With our Without a Will

Auctioneers  wear many hats with today’s market. Sometimes we are just auctioneers, but most of the time we are consultants, pyschologists, caregivers, and cheerleaders.   Most of our auctions are helping heirs settle estates for their loved ones.  Our biggest challenge we have faced is making sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.  If you loved one has died with a Will, it makes our job much easier, as their wishes are written for all to know.  But what happens when they don’t have a Will? Contact a good attorney!!!  You will have to find all immediate heirs to sign off on an auction. The includes brothers, sisters, and their children.  So today’s lesson is, get a good attorney and encourage your loved ones to get a Will.

What is an Auction?

Auction Professionals of Ky - Video - What is an Auction?

Victorian Home Auction
Judy Sanders

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