Charity Auctions

Charity auctions in the Louisville area help non-profit organizations. Over $14.5 billion were raised through auctions in 2004.

Auction Professionals of Kentucky, LLC offers a turnkey service with three important goals:

  1. Raise more funds and increase the friends/donors of your organization.
  2. Help those attending to have a fun pleasant experience.
  3. Build the long-term core constituency necessary for to sustain and grow your organization.

If your charity wishes to hold its first auction, or take your present results to a higher level, contact us to explore how we can coordinate your next event.  We will help you raise more money, while we expedite the process, and, simultaneously, make it easier on your staff and volunteers.  Spend a little, to transform a good evening into a great event, and build your volunteer support at the same time.

  • Our consultants are on board to assist you from planning to procurement.  We conduct the live auction and provide clerking and computer invoicing for the both live and silent auction events.  We personalize each live auction by acknowledging donors from the podium.  Every invoice thanks purchasers for participating in the auction.
  • We provide accounting and check-out services, with credit card and instant invoicing.
  • Bid display board visually announces each item number being sold and displays the current bid, until the Auctioneer declares the item “sold.”
  • Silent Auction Dynamic Kiosks – A sociable alternative, where the bidders can visit and party around a tower kiosk, while they bid for items, instead of being spread out along tables around perimeters, in some venues.
  • Equipment and event supplies: bid cards, computers, printers, invoices, summary reports.

What is an Auction?

Auction Professionals of Ky - Video - What is an Auction?


Victorian Home Auction
Judy Sanders

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