Internet Auction

Today, you can sell your Louisville area real estate, antiques, art, collectibles, vehicles, equipment, machinery, tools or household goods at auction and have simultaneous, live bidding, from anywhere in the world, via the Internet.

Timed Internet Only Auction

  • An event with only electronic bidding.
  • During a two-week period, bidding is allowed for items.
  • Bidders may bid, within a range, and keep participating until their maximum bid is reached, or time for ending the bidding expires.

Combined Internet Auction and Live Outcry Auction

  • This is a traditional auction, with the addition of on-line Internet bidding, which allows bidders throughout the world, to participate in the live auction.
  • Bidders, at the actual event, have competition from the Internet.
  • Internet bidders can listen to the actual event.
    Bidders are able to see the bid advance and actually participate in real time bidding.
  • This is an option for any auction event we conduct.
    There is a slight additional cost for the Internet live broadcast.
  • The resulting increased participation, bidding and selling prices and the convenience to bidders, from everywhere, desiring to bid on property, art and antiques, or specialized equipment makes the cost affordable.
  • No longer is “I am going to be away on the day of your auction” an excuse for not participating.
  • In some cases, the purchasers pay a convenience fee, for this service, as an add-on to the buyer’s premium.

What is an Auction?

Auction Professionals of Ky - Video - What is an Auction?


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