Why Sellers Choose Auctions

The Clock is Ticking…

Will your next investment opportunity in Louisville be as attractive in a few months as it is right now?  Will it even be there at all?  Auction Professionals of Kentucky, LLC understands the value of freedom to take advantage of lucrative opportunities in a timely manner.  They also understand that your property expenses don’t end when the “For Sale” sign goes up.  Month after month of inspections and showings can be costly and frustrating.

How Much Time Do You Have?

In an economy in which timeliness is often a major factor in financial success, auctions are guaranteed to generate cash offers, thereby expediting closings and giving you more control in the transition from one investment to another.  So, whether you’ve found your dream home or a new facility for your growing company, auction gives you the freedom to maximize the return on your investment—no matter how you measure it.

By bringing qualified buyers and sellers together at a specific date and time, auctions create a sense of urgency which results in a competitive atmosphere allowing a maximum
asking price has been established.  The bidders have no anticipated price ceiling and no fixed expectations, which increases the potential winning bid price.

You Are In Control…

You choose the type of auction.  Auctions subject to confirmation have a confidential minimum set by you, the seller.  If no bid meets the reserve, the seller may decline or counter the winning bid.  The seller is in control every step of the way.

Absolute auction is often the choice of sophisticated sellers who have the benefit of both financial and psychological strength.  By setting no minimum, you are guaranteeing that there will be a new owner at the auction’s conclusion.  Absolute auctions, because of their finality, tend to bring you the highest possible fair market value by producing larger turnouts of serious buyers, greater broker participation and more spirited, competitive bidding.

We Remove The Obstacles…

Selling with Auction Professionals of Kentucky, LLC will eliminate many of the hassles associated with the traditional listing process.  There is one set inspection time for all interested parties—you won’t be on display month after month.  The Buyer’s Premium, which is added to the winning bid, pays the cost of the auction services.  There are no prolonged negotiations or contingencies.  But, most importantly, the auction process can guarantee a sale by a specific date—peace of mind that just isn’t there with conventional listings.

Find The Buyers…

Do you have time to wait for qualified buyer to find you?  With Auction Professionals of Kentucky, LLC aggressive marketing plan, you’re assured the maximum exposure for your property.  Classified and display newspaper advertisements and full color brochures are designed to fit your budget.  We’ll present your property to a targeted audience including our extensive database of qualified buyers.  We also provide the added exposure of multiple listings and realtor participation.

And Get The Job Done—Now!

Realtor/Auctioneer Julie Bex and her staff of Auctioneers have over 25 years of auction experience on the Louisville, Kentucky area.  As dedicated, professional auctioneers, their ultimate goal is to satisfy you, the seller, as well as your buyer, through a process which maximizes value from both perspectives.  When your next opportunity just won’t wait, call Auction Professionals of Kentucky, LLC—we won’t let it pass you by.

We Sell The Best.

Let Us Do An Auction For You.

What is an Auction?

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